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CPR056-Lavett "Hat & Krut" (Mustard Vinyl)

After releasing their debut EP in 2021 on Common People Records (CPR042) the Swedish band Lavett is back with brand new stuff. The band was formed in 2019 with members from other Swedish bands like Close Air Support or Posso Kongro. The new EP "Hat & Krut" was recorded a few month ago and is now ready to be rolled out, on the new piece they continue with hard hitting music and lyrics that moves beyond the clichés of boots, braces, beer and so on. "Häng dom högt" hanging rapists and pedophiles from the rope, the strength and melody of "Hat & Krut" that will kick you in the head from minute zero, "Framtid" with its guitar playing and Tobbe's raspy voice that come together perfectly or "Bättre förr" which is perhaps the most "macho" and Oi! song of the album. In short, as read in a review of the first EP: Lavett's sound would be a mixture of Agent Bullgogg, Daily Terror and Wretched Ones. Oi! no bullshit, no sugar coated lyrics, just pure old school sounding Skinhead Rock! Limited edition of 200 copies on black vinyl and 100 on mustard yellow vinyl. 4 tracks!


American Oi! review

Last year Swedish outfit Lavett debuted with their self-titled, four track EP for Common People Records and they’re already back with a bang! Because besides the second press of that very same 7”, Common People Records also released a brand spanking new record in the form of the "Hat & Krut" EP! Translating to "Hate & Gunpowder", Lavett fires four hateful and deadly shots on this slab of hard-hitting Oi! that’s either available on black (200 copies) or mustard yellow vinyl (100 copies)! Delivered in that typical Swedish style you know exactly what you’re going to get – 100% quality and 0% bullshit, just the way I like it! Completely sung in the band’s native tongue, Lavett stomps out four strong sounding tracks in the form of title-track "Hat & Krut", "Häng Dom Högt", "Bättre Förr" and "Framtid". Brought with sheer power, snarling mean vocals and just the right attitude the Swedes deliver all killer and no filler and do this from the front to the back! With a sound heavily inspired by the likes of Agent Bulldogg (obviously), Combat 84 and of equal quality like other new-ish bands from up north such as Östra Aros and Konspiration, Lavett stands it ground firmly, making sure they’re a force to be reckoned with! So make sure you catch Lavett’s solid, powerful sophomore EP when you get the chance – especially when you like your Oi! to the point, in your face and of course… in Swedish! You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Hat & Krut
  2. Häng Dom Högt
  3. Bättre Förr
  4. Framtid

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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 31 July, 2022.
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