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Rabauken "Der Rabauken Erster Streich+Bonus" (Incl. Poster)
Rabauken "Der Rabauken Erster Streich+Bonus" (Incl. Poster)
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Modus Vivendi Streetwear
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1 x Oil!/Van Stone "s/t" (UK Import)
1 x Blitz "The Killing Dream" (Ultra Clear Vinyl)
1 x Arresten "Länge Har Vi Väntat"
1 x Rogue Trooper "Class Decline"
1 x Rabauken "All Die Jahre" (Incl. Poster)
1 x Oil!/Van Stone "s/t" (Lim. 25 copies/UK Import)
1 x CPR022-Dr. Martens Beat "Smash Them Up!" (Incl. Booklet)
1 x Krawallbruder "Das 11te Gebot" (180gr/Yellow Vinyl)
1 x The Machines "The Machines"
1 x Hooligan "First Offence" (180gr Vinyl)
1 x Peter and The Test Tube Babies "Radio & Studio Rarities 78-81"
2 x Close Shave "Oi! Kinnock Give Us Back Our Rose!" (UK Import/Picture Disc)
1 x Angelic Upstarts "Reason Why?"
1 x Dead People "Dead People"
3 x Keltoi! "Tempos Convulsos"
1 x The Abhored "Discographie 1990-1992" (Ultra Clear Vinyl)
1 x Full Contact "Spit & Blood"
1 x Oldfashioned Ideas "Skallen In I Väggen"
1 x Angelic Upstarts "Power Of The Press" (Red/Black Vinyl)
1 x Ultimatum "Ultimatum"
1 x RAS "Pas Le Temps De Regretter" (3rd Press/Transp. Vinyl)
1 x Abrasive Wheels "Black Leather Girl"
1 x Wired Up "Gets Rich On Rock'n'Roll"
1 x Fightback "Back From The Ashes" (Color Vinyl)
1 x Paris Violence "Allons De l'Arrière" (White Vinyl)
2 x CPR049-Brutal Siegers "Comte Estruch"
1 x Roger Miret & The Disasters "Gotta Get Up Now" (Ultra Clear Vinyl)
1 x No Heads "Pressure Cracks"
1 x RAS "Chasse A l'Homme"
1 x Opció K-95 "Terra Cremada"
1 x The Business "Singalong A Business" (Red/Black Vinyl)
1 x Engra! "A Nosa Vontade"
1 x Vidro / Cankro "Split"
1 x Ultra Razzia "Collection"
1 x Krawallbruder "In Dubio Pro Reo" (180gr/Green Vinyl)
1 x Bonecrusher "Losing Control" (Red Vinyl)
1 x CPR062-Zanzara "I Fedeli Aspettano Senza Chiedere Il Perché"
2 x Combat 84 "Send In The Marines" (UK Import/Green Vinyl)
2 x Krawallbruder "Blut, Schweiss & Keine Tränen"
1 x Skaos "Beware!... Is Approaching!"
1 x CPR045-Vis Vires "Awaken" (Lim. 30 Test Pressing)
1 x Traitre "Discographie"
1 x CPR062-Zanzara "I Fedeli Aspettano Senza Chiedere Il Perché" (Blue Vinyl)
1 x American Eagle "Land Of The Free Home Of The Brave"
1 x Cotzbrocken "Massenvernichtung" (2nd Press)
1 x CPR059-Attack Total "Total Attack" (Lim. 10 Test Pressing)
1 x Cuerda Huida "Cuerda Huida"
1 x Top Dog "Top Dog" (Clear Vinyl)
1 x Codigo Neurotico "Sin Batalla Ni Bandera" (Yellow Vinyl)
1 x The Templars "Omne Datum Optimum"
2 x Faz Waltz "Grown Up Guy" (Green Vinyl)
3 x Close Shave "Hard As Nails" (UK Import)
1 x Mob Mentality "Carry On Tradition" (180gr/Blue Haze Vinyl)
1 x Das Schnitz "4 A​.​M. EP"
1 x Eskupe "Maketa"
1 x Tenement Rats "Sods Law"
1 x Condemned 84 "No One Like Us... We Don't Care" (Color Vinyl)
1 x Todlicher Irrtum "Hauptsache Gesund"
1 x Expatriated "Bleak Future"
1 x HHH "Intelectual Punks"
1 x Hotza "Demo"
2 x Court Martial "No Solution: Singles & Demos 1981/1982" (Green Vinyl)
1 x Stealers "Never Enoguh"
3 x VV.AA. "Tribute To Runnin Riot" (Gonna Get Yours, Hawkins Thugs, Bull Brigade...)
2 x Tassottis "Nada"
1 x The Business "Suburban Rebels" (Gatefold/Pink Vinyl)
1 x Hats & Caps "Going Nowhere" (Yellow/Black Vinyl)
1 x Sewerheads "Sewerheads"
1 x Weeks "Get Away"
1 x Bomber 80 "Contro Il Tempo"
1 x Feral Kids "Feral Hits" (Yellow Vinyl)
1 x RAS "Rien Ne Pourra Effacer..."
1 x Gatans Lag "Boraspolisen Blues" (2nd Press/Blue Splatter Vinyl)
2 x Denim "Skimask Justice"
1 x Savage Beat "Wired" (3rd Press/US Import/Picture Disc)
1 x Discharge "Early Demos - March/June 1977" (Red Vinyl)
1 x Irmans "Hermanos"
1 x CPR061-Brutal Siegers "Caras Sucias" (Lim. 10 Test Pressing)
3 x Attak "Zombies" (Green Vinyl/Incl. Poster)
1 x Urban Waste "More Wasted Years"
1 x Ad Vitam / A Cran "Split"
1 x Ostia Puta/SN "La Casa De Los Lokos"
1 x Coups D'barres "Coups D'barres" (Yellow Vinyl)
1 x CPR061-Brutal Siegers "Caras Sucias"
1 x Oxymoron "Fuck The Nineties... Here's Our Noize" (Yellow Vinyl)
1 x Iena / Scalpo "Split"
1 x CPR046-Ofensiva "Bombardeo EP"
1 x Terror Y Miseria "Destruyendo Y Sembrando"
1 x Prop Sack "Comme Avant 1981-1983"
1 x CPR061-Brutal Siegers "Caras Sucias" (Transp. Yellow Vinyl)
1 x Dose Brutal "Gritos De Guerra"
1 x Foreign Legion "Always Working Class"
1 x Close Shave "Lone Riders" (CORNER BENT)
1 x Oi Polloi "Total Anarchoi"
1 x The Vibrators "More Vibes: The Lost Third Album Demos"
1 x The Templars "1118-1312"
1 x Doctrina "Desprendimiento"
1 x Código Neurótico "Código Neurótico"
1 x Dirty Old Gasteiz "Todo Sigue Medio Muerto"
1 x Piorreah "Maquetas 84-85"
1 x Hats & Caps / Eastside Dogs "Split" (Blue Vinyl)
1 x La Cruz "Cenizas"
1 x 4 Skins "From Chaos To 1984" (UK Import/White Vinyl)
1 x Nafra "Més i Més"
1 x Kidz Next Door "Serious/I'm Alright Jack" (Green Vinyl)
1 x VV.AA. "A Tribute To Oxymoron-Fuck The Tributes, Here's Our Noize..." (Lion's Law, Bonecrusher...)
1 x Condemned 84 "When They Stick The Knife In"
1 x Lawmaker "Play To Win"
1 x Azken Sustraiak "Goierri" (Orange Vinyl)
1 x VV.AA. "La Nostra Força" (Dying Breed, Reconquesta, Exili & Fightback)
1 x Total Nada "II"
1 x Close Shave "Hard As Nails" (UK Import/Blue Vinyl)
1 x On The Job / Lawmaker "Split EP"
1 x Suicide Generation "Prisoners Of Love" (Green Vinyl)
1 x Sabotage "Subterfuge"
1 x Fearless Veterans "Fearless Veterans"
1 x Avslag "Avenir Incert"
1 x Orreaga 778 "Live And Loud" (Double LP)
1 x Nineteen Eighty Four/1984 "Live In Studio On The Slopes"
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Semente De Berrar "Ruído E Rúa 1981-2021" (DVD)
Semente De Berrar "Ruído E Rúa 1981-2021" (DVD)
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