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Rotura "Al Otro Lado"
Rotura "Al Otro Lado"
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CPR059-Attack Total "Total Attack" (Lim. 10 Test Pressing)

Attack Total is a new swedish Punk band with one foot in the grave and one foot in the office. From the middle class hell of Malmö we are more then proud to present Attack Total, 3 melancholic tunes all in Swedish with Skåne accent. They try to channel the music from the bleak era when Thatcher, Mitterand and Reagan ruled the world, adding a bit of swedish melodies and darkness. 3 tracks!

  1. P.Å.M.
  2. Boys
  3. Stolthet & Ansvar

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 December, 2022.
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6 x Book Spanish Bombs "Una Guía De Portadas Españolas" (Alex Morón/Agustí Bernal)
2 x Mutton Chops #8 (Green)
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2 x VV.AA. "The US Of Oi!" (Blue/Black) (Warzone, Moonstomp, Youth Defense League...)
1 x Oi Polloi "Total Anarchoi"
1 x Pubic Enemy "Bad Blood"
1 x Totalickers "Ansietät"
1 x Inyección "Vicio EP"
1 x Mots "Toca Despertar"
1 x CPR042-Lavett "Lavett" (2nd Press)
1 x The Vibrators "The 1977 Demos"
1 x CPR048-Lebel "Lebel" (Yellow Vinyl)
1 x Mob Mentality "Dedication" (Red Vinyl)
1 x CPR053-The Burial "Demos And Rarities" (White Vinyl/Incl. A3 Poster)
1 x Victory "SOS" (Silver Vinyl)
1 x Antipati "Sleepless"
2 x Ultra Razzia "Jusqu'au Bout De La Nuit" (Gatefold)
1 x Common People Records "Love Affair" (Black Tote Bag)
1 x CPR042-Lavett "Lavett" (Oxblood Vinyl)
1 x CPR055-Labana "Bang Bang"
2 x Tiro "Gure Irtenbidea"
3 x Récidive "Tripes D'acier"
1 x Pilseners "No Hi Ha Demà"
1 x CPR050-Zanzara "La Testa Abbassata"
1 x CPR053-The Burial "Demos And Rarities" (Incl. A3 Poster)
2 x Rotura "Estamos Fracasando"
2 x VV.AA. "News From Another Side" (Cólera, The Zips & Razor Kids)
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1 x CPR045-Vis Vires "Awaken" (Gold/Blue Vinyl)
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2 x Total Jerks "Total Addiction Vol. 2"
2 x Squad "Struggle And Strive" (White Vinyl)
2 x Todlicher Irrtum "Hauptsache Gesund"
1 x RAS "Rien Ne Pourra Effacer..."
1 x CPR049-Brutal Siegers "Comte Estruch"
1 x Sacrifici "Credo"
1 x Radio Hearts "Daytime Man"
1 x Rancoeur "Lame En Peine"
2 x VV.AA. "A Tribute To Oxymoron-Fuck The Tributes, Here's Our Noize..." (Lion's Law, Bonecrusher...)
1 x CPR040-Crashed Out "This Is Our Music"
1 x Rabauken "All Die Jahre" (Incl. Poster)
1 x Againsters "Sweet Sweet Weekend"
1 x The Warriors "Lucky Seven" (Red Vinyl)
1 x No Comment "Desolation Angels"
2 x Petite "Petite"
1 x VV.AA. "British Oi!-Working Class Anthems" (UK Import/Blue Vinyl) (Condemned 84, Close Shave...)
2 x Sublevación "Sublevación"
2 x VV.AA. "Un Homenaje A IV Reich" (Ultimo Gobierno, Dead People, Peedoh, Nafra, Venganza...)
2 x Tchernobyl / Force Majeure "Split"
1 x Sanguisuga "Sanguisuga"
1 x Neurotic Existence "At War With The World"
1 x CPR016-Ragged Soul "Tearing Down The Old Values" (Red Vinyl)
2 x CPR045-Vis Vires "Awaken" (Gold Vinyl)
2 x Tesson "Tesson"
2 x Squad "Struggle And Strive" (Green Vinyl)
2 x Bonecrusher / The Welch Boys "s/t" (White/Green/Orange Vinyl)
1 x Pols "Instinto" (White Vinyl)
2 x Rebel Minds "Nostrat"
2 x The Adhocs "Gorillas Rule OK"
1 x Albert Fish / Crucial Change "Split"
2 x Streetwise "Egia Ala Gezurra"
1 x Simulacro "Paraísos Color Negro..."
1 x Subterranean Kids "Hasta El Final"
1 x Sabotage / No Heart "Split"
2 x Serpent "Durícies A L'ànima" (White Vinyl)
1 x CPR026-Défonce "Défonce" (Lim. 10 Test Pressing)
1 x Nineteen Eighty Four/1984 "Live In Studio On The Slopes"
1 x Andanada 7 "Especie En Extinción"
1 x Zanzara "Tutto Quello Che Hai Non Vale Niente" (UK Import)
1 x Traitre "Discographie"
1 x Nations On Fire "Strike The Match" (Picture Disc)
1 x Total Jerks "Total Addiction Vol. 2"
1 x CPR057-Revanche "Revanche" (White Vinyl)
1 x CPR017-Red Alert "The Oi! Singles 1980-1983" (White Vinyl+Poster)
1 x Oxymoron "Fuck The Nineties... Here's Our Noize"
1 x Sabotage "A Furore Normannorum Libera Nos, Domine" (Green Vinyl)
1 x Oi Polloi "Pigs For Slaughter" (Pink Vinyl)
1 x Oldfashioned Ideas "Skallen In I Väggen"
1 x CPR050-Zanzara "La Testa Abbassata" (Mustard Vinyl)
1 x The Hotknives "The Way Things Are"
1 x No Heads "Pressure Cracks"
1 x Sewer Brigade "No Shortcuts To Glory"
1 x Paura "Optimitzant El Desastre"
2 x CPR044-Skacha "Sempre Ceibes" (Ultra Clear Vinyl)
1 x Remences "No T'arronsis"
1 x Wolf Bites Boy "Family Isn't Always"
1 x VV.AA. "NO 92" (Monstruación, L'Odi Social, Subterranean Kids, Antidogmatiks...)
2 x CPR059-Attack Total "Total Attack"
2 x Ofensiva "Ofensiva" (Gatefold)
1 x CPR027-Doug & The Slugz "The Power In Numbers/Just Another Battle" (Lim. 20 Test Pressing)
2 x Suicide Generation "Prisoners Of Love" (Green Vinyl)
1 x Tassottis "Nada"
1 x VV.AA. "Knuckle Girls Vol. 2"
1 x CPR009-The Hairdryers "Obsessions" (Yellow vinyl)
1 x Zikin "Zementua Armosaten"
1 x Pilseners "Herois Del Nostre Temps"
1 x Serpent "Pack 3 EP's"
1 x Squelette "Fin De Partie"
1 x Stealers "Never Enoguh"
1 x Nafra "Seny i Rauxa"
1 x VV.AA. "Tribute Pour Les Partisans" (La Gachette, The Sambas, Ultra Razzia...)
1 x Sous Escorte "Passion Intacte"
1 x Oil!/Van Stone "s/t" (UK Import)
2 x CPR052-Stormbringers / Ofensiva "Split EP"
1 x VV.AA. "Jamaicat Vol. 2" (The Cabrians, Thorpedians, The Penguins, Mr. Feak Ska...)
2 x Repeat Offender "Summary Execution"
1 x Prop Sack "Comme Avant 1981-1983"
1 x Revenja "Cançons De Guerra"
1 x CPR043-Orreaga 778 "Herrimina"
2 x VV.AA. "Knuckle Girls Vol. 1"
1 x CPR047-Entre Vàndals "Per Sempre EP"
1 x CPR044-Skacha "Sempre Ceibes"
1 x Collision "Immortels"
1 x Roger Miret & The Disasters "Gotta Get Up Now" (Ultra Clear Vinyl)
1 x The Cabrians "Sun & Shadow Heroes"
1 x X-Intruder "Punished For The Crime Of Lacking In Judgement"
1 x Peter and The Test Tube Babies "Radio & Studio Rarities 78-81"
1 x Pus "Pus"
1 x VV.AA. "1984-The First Sonic World War" (Les Collabos, Infanterie Sauvage, Les Cadavres, RAS...)
1 x Bait "Bait"
1 x CPR045-Vis Vires "Awaken"
1 x VV.AA. "Carry On Oi!" (The Business, Infa Riot, Blitz, Red Alert, The Last Resort, 4 Skins...)
1 x VV.AA. "Oi! L'album Vol. 2" (Bromure, Kronstadt, Tchernobyl, Squelette, Ultra Razzia...)
1 x CPR051-Fracture "Fracture" (Transp. Red Vinyl)
1 x CPR010-The Guttersnipes "The Poor Dress Up"
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